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Let this be the start of a peaceful road to Damascus

I’m hoping that Syria does follow through with this diplomatic windfall. Honestly, if the Russians want to take credit, fine by me. As Jon Stewart noted, if this succeeds we will have avoided a military conflict, then it is a win of some sort. The poor civilians in Syria, sadly, will still have to face the horror of civil war, but it is their fight and not ours.

Could Syria cheat? Perhaps, but you really can’t hide such a scam like that anymore. And the regime in Damascus would be truly stupid to try and make Russia look like a fool. But if they follow through, then at least those stuck in the crossfire will not face the horrors that the President asked us to watch on Youtube.

It is pretty telling how many, mainly on the right, are saying that this Russian/UN move is some how a loss of face for President Obama. They’re such a Janus, with one face saying how they would not support any military action, while with the other decrying that American “respect” or what have you is nullified with the refusal of using military force. This is complete hogwash. Anytime peaceful means could be used, even if it means granting credit to an ally or rival, is a face saver for the US. How? Because we avoided using American men and women to kill other people on foreign soil.