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My heart goes out to those surviving seniors and the families of the victims of the great tragedy in L’Isle-Verte, Quebec. What a horrible way to go. I think of my 88 year old father and others in my family of similar ages when I see the story of L’Isle-Verte. For the uninitiated here in the US, there was a major fire in an old folks home where virtually every one, except for a small few, had perished. Between the blazing fire that quickly spread to the death-inducing freezing hitting North America, that had almost little to no chance. Once again, my heart goes out to those who survived and the families of the victims.


What would have happened to the rest of the British Empire if it, instead of Russia or Germany, faced a revolution after World War 1?

Having an intellectual discussion on historical what-ifs with a friend of mine. I would love to know what you think. We basically switched the history periods of Britain with Germany from 1917-20. At the time the major powers were all on the cusp of revolutions similarly seen in Russia. What I’m wondering is, assuming there was a revolt akin to either Germany (deposition of the Kaiser, the Sparticist Uprising) or the February Revolution in Russia that overthrew the Czar, what would have happened to the rest of the British Empire like India or Nigeria or Australia or Canada?