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A POW is coming home, ’nuff said!

Look, there’s no question that the 5 Taliban that were released most likely be redeployed to attack in Afghanistan. We’re told that we don’t negotiate with terrorists only other nation-states we have gone to war with, which I suspect isn’t entirely true. The Taliban maybe terrorists, but we haven’t been in a conventional war since our reaction to 9/11. And of course now we are hearing that this POW should have an asterisk to his name because he may have gone AWOL or sent some critical emails to his parents about American policy, as if to say “you swapped 5 really bad guys for this guy?”

The folks complaining about this simply highlights that no matter what President Obama does it will always be wrong. Going back to even W’s administration, there was repeated attempts to get Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl freed. We even lost 5 men trying to rescue him. If they had executed him and sent the video out on it, the same people today complaining about the swap would be decrying that the President did not do anything to free him. And instead of showing Bergdahl’s parents (his father growing a beard until his son was released) with smiles on their face all over the news because their son is finally coming home, Fox News would have them weeping on one of their shows asking why nothing was done or being goaded to say how Obama failed here.

Regardless of whether he was or was not a deserter. Regardless that 5 enemy combatants were swapped, which by the way countries all over the world like Israel have done for decades. The fact is this….one of our own, a POW, is coming back home. Let us hope we can bring the rest home as well. Whatever opinion you may have about President Obama, one of our own is coming home!


Watching the President tonight, I hope he marks the end of our last war.

While I have a good idea of what the President is going to say tonight, I’m going to try and catch his televised speech. I sure hope he announces we are going to be bringing our troops home soon. Frankly, this war machine needs to begin to tone down. Yes the situation is tricky over there, but you know what, its tricky here. We can’t afford a defense industrial complex budget that approaches $1T. Secure what needs to be secured over there so that we don’t have to go back en mass, but its time to start the peace.

Just imagine if we focused on our country with the ferocity we have applied towards our military engagements. Focusing on building new roads and bridges in Boston and Kansas City versus Baghdad and Kandahar. Did you know that our nice neighbors to the north have a more robust electrical grid than we do? Did you know that we could put almost 90% of those out of work in construction and construction related fields into a job buy focusing on our bridges, roads, new schools, and sewers? This doesn’t just have to be a government-only project. I’m just saying that our focus has been off for a while now.

My 5 second rant on Afghanistan.

Can we not accelerate our withdrawal from Afghanistan? We got bin Laden (thank you, President Obama). al Qaeda is practically vaporized in that country. And the Taliban are actually being openly courted by Kabul, so what’s the point? Those folks do not want a modern country! We have no business playing nation building. Its time to quit risking lives and money on this adventure in the land of poppy.