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Testing MS Word for blogging

Gosh I hope this works. I’m gonna add in a picture now for the heck of it.



I got the green light!

After much waiting, I finally got the results from my cardiologist. He said my ticker is pretty good, a little calcium but he said within normal range or something and that I should stick with my meds. But the big news is I finally got the green light to join a health club! Woot! Gonna get in shape!

Burger time

We do not have an In -n- Out Burger joint by me in Chicago. So, while visiting family, I figured why not see what all the fuss was about, right? For lunch I treaded my brother Louie and my sister Tina to some of these burgers. They always raved about them living here in Arizona. I kinda can see why.


This is an interesting video about how we, as Americans, can have an impact on this economy. We have the power to put Americans back to work simply through the power of our purchases. If we can allot 5% of our purchases towards goods that are Made in the USA, we could help shrink unemployment. Watch this video when you get a chance and join the movement to move jobs back to America!