Reviewing some political stances after meditating

While meditating this morning, I found myself or my mind afterwards reviewing where I was a year ago with some issues. From a year ago, on some things I’ve become far more to the left of the political spectrum (becoming more open to worker owned firms), but on some other things I’ve also moved more towards the right (especially recently with one subject that has shocked me, the Death Penalty).

In the past I’ve been more prone to classical capitalism, indeed back in 2007-09 I was closer to what many would dub an anarcho-capitalist.  But the Great Recession and some personal experiences, that hasn’t been the case. The economic upheavals rekindled some of my old Keynsianism but also opened my mind to other schools like Modern Monetary Theory and even some minor tingles of industrial democracy.

Though what I found myself shocked with, as mentioned above, was my attitude towards the Death Penalty and some other social issues. A decade or so back I was for the execution of criminals. But growing up and reading about so many cases of innocent individuals being sentenced and ending up on Death Row, my mind had changed. For the sake of even saving one innocent person, I was for scrapping the act. Death sentences in America are an expensive proposition, as our (luckily?) inefficient justice system takes years (if not decades) to execute someone. The appeals process also adds to the costs. Still, like I said, if it saved even one innocent than perhaps it was worth it.

But then I see all these stories of some really sick human beings (can they even be called that anymore?) committing acts of brutality like rape and murder and sex slavery against children and women, that one has to really ask an important question. If…without a doubt that individual is guilty, is it worth keeping them alive at the cost of the tax payer? We do not have labor camps in America, so in reality we would be warehousing these type of monsters, who probably would get better medical care than the people paying for his stay in prison!

There are other social stuff, but for now, this is all I’m going to cover. I will say though, I have been rekindling with my spirituality, and it has felt great. Now, I understand, not everyone needs to believe in God, but for some of us have a need for it. I’m still having trouble believing in Jesus, but God and just plain old spiritual immateriality like Buddhism or Taoism. It has helped me with dealing with some internal stresses and my work both on the job and in my creative ventures has improved.