My idea for fixing immigration

So I hear about immigration reform. One of the biggest problems (besides crossing the border illegally and employers taking advantage of the situation) is the long wait times one has to go through to get a green card. Now this experience isn’t universal. I’ve known some folks who were able to get something in as short as two years or so and others who have waited decades. Its obvious that the government beauracracy is either underfunded/understaffed and/or just plain inefficient.

So here’s my simple solution…privatize the damn green card/work permit process out to credit card people like MasterCard or Visa. They already virtually everyone on file already, their product is used almost the globe over. I bet they could process a work visa application faster and cheaper than the government could. It would be funded by whatever fees it costs, and both could compete by offering add on services from debit banking to even some form of health insurance.


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