So Spidey has joined Captain America and Superman in faux death.

The death of Peter Parker in Spider-Man is crazier than that half ass marketing attempt by DC a decade or so back when they “killed” Superman. {Spoilers alert} So Doctor Octopus finally wins at the end of the day and manages to kill Parker. But then it gets even more ludicrous is that Spidey’s killer swaps bodies and Doc Ock becomes the new as he call himself, the “Superior Spider-Man.”

Copyright © 2012 Marvel Comics

Copyright © 2012 Marvel Comics

My guess is that like with the deaths of Superman and Captain America, this new Spider-Man will also soon find himself extinguished and the late Peter Parker will be back. The first big time death of a major hero was Superman and the media went hysterical over it. DC handled it in a fakakta matter with bringing him back via all these different guys pretending to be Superman. At the end of the day the publisher brought back the real on, showing you that nothing stays dead in comic books. The same will be for the real Peter Parker, so nobody get excited.


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